WC EU 2022 Speakers - Design & Gutenberg group

Building with WordPress Blocks

I’m so excited to speak about Leveling Up Block Building Skills at WordCamp EU in Porto, Portugal. My talk is scheduled for Friday, June 3rd, 16:00 (Porto time). I’ll present a wide range of ways to enrich the block editing experience with custom blocks. From no-code solutions practical for everyone to advanced development techniques that help programmers submit a new plugin to the Block Directory.

I have only started working on the presentation. Still, I felt I needed to share as soon as possible some excellent no-code learning materials I stumbled upon earlier this week. There is a ton of great content on the Learn WordPress platform beside the references included in this post.

Block Directory

The Block Directory helps you enhance your pages and posts without leaving the editor screen. It’s the more straightforward way to add missing functionality by finding and installing a matching block.

Block Patterns

Block Patterns are a collection of predefined blocks that you can insert into posts and pages and customize with your content.

Reusable Blocks

The Reusable Block allows you to save a block or group of blocks, which you can later use in any post or page on your site.

Template Parts

The Template Part block is an advanced block used to organize and display your site structure. They usually come with your theme.


The recommendation is to use Template Parts and Reusable Blocks for things you want to have in sync with each other, whereas Block Patterns are best for content that you expect to change across your site.

You can also find detailed guidelines in the WordPress Support article Comparing Patterns, Template Parts, and Reusable Blocks.