My name is Grzegorz. I work at Automattic and contribute to WordPress core. I’m a passionate programmer and open-source contributor living in Poland. I enjoy taking long walks in picturesque Oleśnica with my charming wife Ania and adorable daughter Zuzia. I’m a huge sports fan who plays basketball, runs, or rides a bike. I also highly enjoy watching, god knows how many hours of NBA and soccer games. I love traveling, so I would not mind swapping programming into strolling, snorkeling, or simply lying on beaches of paradise islands, which I dream of seeing all.

I have programmed for over 21 years, 16 professionally. My expertise is front-end development and web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. In addition to that, I’m very adept at server-side programming having enterprise experience with PHP and Node.js. I’m highly skilled in user interface development for web applications from concept to implementation. I’m also well-versed in performance optimization, internationalization, maintainability, extensibility, and scalability. Finally, I have over 10 years of experience working remotely.

Specialties: open-source software, developer tooling, test-driven development, incremental design, agile development.

Technologies: JavaScript (including Node.js, React, Redux, webpack, Babel, Jest, ESLint, Puppeteer), PHP (WordPress, PHPUnit), HTML, CSS.