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Buddy Webinar #14: WordPress Block Development

Over two weeks ago, I had the pleasure to join Maciek Palmowski (WordPress Ambassador at Buddy) to record the 14th episode of Buddy Webinar. We presented how to automate block development to elevate your WordPress projects to a higher level. This is what we covered:

  • How to start WordPress block development.
  • How to leverage JavaScript developer tools for WordPress plugin and block development.
  • How to automate your development workflow to maximize confidence in the codebase and monitor its health.
  • How to configure a pipeline in Buddy to automate the development process.



I also wanted to share a couple of resources I highlighted during the webinar. First, I recommend checking a comprehensive tutorial in the WordPress Block Editor Handbook that explains how to create your first block.

The tool we used to scaffold blocks is available on npm as a @wordpress/create-block package that you can run with a single npx @wordpress/create-block command from your terminal.

All the presented commands tailored for block development can also run with continuous integration, and they get bootstrapping together with the project. You can also install the @wordpress/scripts package from npm independently from scaffolding by executing npm install @wordpress/scripts.

If you would like to learn more about the Gutenberg project where the block editor development happens, visit the repository on GitHub. We also invite everyone to get involved and contribute to the WordPress project!

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