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WordCamp India 2021

My lighting talk from the WordCamp India online event is now available on YouTube. I presented how to make the most of the scaffolding command, which will let you save hours when building the first block. I also talked about the set of WordPress block development tools from the team behind Gutenberg that was designed to make the whole experience more streamlined.

The presentation was largely inspired by an article published on my blog two months ago. If you prefer reading, check out the How to Start Block Development with Scaffolding post.

How to Start Block Development with Scaffolding

WordCamp India 2021 talk


Create a Block

Generates PHP, JS and CSS code for registering a block for a WordPress plugin.

Reusable Scripts

Collection of reusable scripts for WordPress development.

Development Environment

A zero-config, self contained local WordPress environment for development and testing.

For all the talks from the conference, go to https://india.wordcamp.org/2021/watch-now/.