My Name Is

It turns out that whenever I interact with people who aren’t familiar with the Polish language, they have a hard time repeating my name. That’s why I started using its English version on social media.

If you were ever curious, this is how I pronounce my actual name Grzegorz:

Pronunciation of my name

There is also a notational standard IPA for the phonemic and phonetic representation of all spoken languages, which encodes pronunciation as:



2 responses to “My Name Is”

  1. For those of us that are slow learners when it comes to identify & reproduce sounds that are not part of our native language, it can be handy to share how your name is written in the IPA. According to it’s /ˈɡʐɛ.ɡɔʂ/

    1. Grzegorz Ziółkowski Avatar
      Grzegorz Ziółkowski

      Thanks Andrés, I updated my post with additional details you shared.