Why Did I Become a Developer?

It’s tough to tell when exactly and why I decided to become a developer because it was long ago. I started learning programming in high school at the age of 15. I wrote my first basic program in Turbo Pascal at the computer science class. It took maybe two or three years until I started exploring how to build a website. The idea that you can put something online and people worldwide can see it seemed thrilling.

I continued learning web technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript and quickly ran into the necessity to learn PHP and MySQL to streamline the process. The fun fact is that one particular website I created in 1999 is still available online at foto.ziolo.eu. It hasn’t got any code updates for many years, so it retained the old-style look when the 980px site’s width was the norm.

The rest is history. I studied control engineering and robotics at the Wrocław University of Technology. I had many opportunities to improve my programming skills in different environments and technologies, but my passion for web technologies continued. I enjoyed learning all types of topics related to computer science, so I decided that it would be great to find a job to dive deeper into programming concepts even more.