My WordPress Origin Story

I created my account on in July 2007, but I hadn’t used it much until 2015, when I joined Automattic as a JavaScript Wrangler. 2015 was also when I migrated my website to WordPress from my CMS of choice back then – Drupal. I must admit that I had a lot of experience developing with Drupal at that point, but almost none with WordPress integrations. Well, I think I helped to build two or three simple websites with WordPress.

There is also a fascinating story that helped me quickly discover the power of WordPress. My sister blogged about her efforts to get back to sports activities after a severe knee injury. Her post written in Polish from 2009 received massive traffic and nearly one thousand comments in a few months! That was mind-blowing.

The rest of my journey follows my time spent at Automattic. Initially, I’ve been working on subscriptions like plans and domains. Eventually, I switched to the team that overlooks the development of the block editor in WordPress core.

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Husband, father, open sourcerer, and basketball fan. Writes code at Automattic and contributes to WordPress core.